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Myrmidia is a 3D multiplayer game, built as an example of the SabreGL python module. It is Free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. Both the main game client and the server are written in the Python programming language, the SabreGL module is written in C++ and makes use of OpenGL. The game is primarily developed under GNU/Linux, though it can potentially run on any platform for which a version of Python, SDL and OpenGL are available. The website is written entirely in Python, using the mod_python Apache module, and runs on Debian GNU/Linux


Development tracking system
Monday August 29 2005

There's now a link in the navigation menu to a new development tracking system for Myrmidia. From here you can view the tasks left to complete before a release is ready and see what is planned for future releases. You can also browse through the source code and submit bug reports.

-- Mike

Getting closer...
Thursday August 04 2005

Getting a fair bit closer to the 0.10 release, there's still some bugs to work out and maybe the odd extra feature to stick in, but it's getting there. There's a new screenshot in the Screenshots section showing two players logged in and the semi-functional ingame IRC client. The GNU/Linux client is likely to be released first due to some problems with SabreGL under Windows, but I'm pretty sure we'll get those sorted fairly shortly, wrench has kindly offered his mighty OpenGL wisdom towards the solving of that little problem.

-- Mike

New modeling board
Monday July 18 2005

I've added a new forum for the various people creating 3D models to show off their works in progress before they get included in to the game. Hopefully Azwok will be dazzling us there with some of his new work very soon.
-- Mike

SabreGL comes to Windows
Monday July 04 2005

Thats right I rock.

Today I managed to get SabreGL working under Windows. What a great monday morning!!!! :)  

I will get some screenshots up later on. But right now I want to just sit here and smile!

God I love me!

-- CFC

First in game screenshot
Sunday July 03 2005

The first screenshot of how the new client looks when logged in is now available in the screenshot section . Still a fair way to go until the first release though.
-- Mike

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